ISM-Florida Gulf Coast recognizes board member Steven Thomas and team

    Congratulations to ISM Board Member Steven Thomas and his team!

    The Materials Management Team has been selected as the Sustainability STARs of the Year for 2016 in the Team category. That indicates that your accomplishments rise to the top of all Sustainability STAR Awardees in 2016. The selection committee was impressed with your creative and systematic approach to waste reduction in the plastic bag project, as well as the previous projects that also achieved awards for cardboard and pallet reuse. The projects are clearly impactful, but what is even clearer is your team’s integration of sustainability into your every-day operations, making waste reduction and cost savings a culture in your Division. 

    Steven and the others on the team were recognized in front of the entire Leadership Team on August 17th 2017. They all received a certificate of recognition and are eligible for an additional paid day off. 

    Thank you for demonstrating your leadership on Sustainability