A Great Night in Dunedin at the Blue Jays vs. Threshers game

    ISM-Florida Gulf Coast had a great night in Dunedin, FL. The evening began with a presentation from the Dunedin Blue Jays Manager of Stadium Operations including some Q/A and interesting stories/experiences. We followed that up by enjoying a local game between Dunedin Blue Jays and Clearwater Threshers. Clearwater rallied late but Dunedin held on to secure the win by one point.

    Supply Chain Management in all its varying aspects covers every type of business or profession. Baseball is no exception and actually may have some real unique challenges not usually considered in other "traditional" Supply Chain methods. Gaining a new or different perspective often brings opportunity to think, solve problems and address challenges within our own business situations and in ways we may not have otherwise considered. Something I thought of that may be worth (re-)considering is knowing the true value and importance of your vendor relations, knowing (and having) alternates or back-up sources to draw from in emergency and short notice situations as well as where (and how) to find those unique, uncommon or highly specialized types of materials and/or services. Having great resources, knowledge and a little creative thinking is some of what will help us all remain sucessfull in our professional efforts and continue to provide value to the organizations we represent.  

    I know, all this from a minor league baseball game? It's amazing what you are able to gain when you just listen and are open to different experience and perspective.